Jeffersonian address unlikely to impress his liberal judges

Geert Wilders has just given the most poignant defence of freedom of speech that I have ever heard (above). Poignant because the man giving it has so little freedom himself, living as he does in safe houses under 24 hour a day armed guard. Geert Wilders has to live like that for the simple reason that he criticises and resists Islam. That’s what happens to every public figure who tells the truth about supremacist Islam. That and complete ostracism from polite society. How ironic is that? That the man who has sacrificed the most for the continued existence of civilisation in the Netherlands is shunned and reviled by those who benefit most from it!

But a growing number of Dutch are not deceived by this craven hypocrisy. No surprise then that Wilders’ Party For Freedom (PVV) is topping the polls in the Netherlands and likely to do very well in the forthcoming election on March 15th. Here is a one politician actually doing his job: representing the people who placed him in his position of trust.

Now for representing a fifth of the Dutch people he is very likely to be convicted of a hate crime on December 9th. That’s the price an honest and brave politician pays for doing his job. In short the people Wilders represents are sick and tired of the mass immigration of inassimilable and aggressive Muslims and in order to represent them he has to say this. If he can’t say this democracy is finished and the Dutch may as well get busy sharpening knives. 

In today’s Orwellian world though merely expressing a view which 43% of your countrymen agree with is ‘far-right’. In other words almost a half of those tolerant, bike riding, weed smoking Dutch are considered by their liberal betters to be far-right. Or to put it in the way those who use the term ‘far-right’ intend, almost half of the people in what is widely considered the most tolerant country on earth are Nazis.

This conjures up for me the image of Inigo Montoya expressing his doubt about the genius Vizzini’s understanding of events in The Princess Bride (below). Imagine the Spaniard is refering to liberals use of 'far-right'.

The only reason Geert Wilders and his party are branded ‘far-right’ is their desire to reduce immigration of Muslims and resist the Islamisation of the Netherlands. This is clear from the utterly uncontroversial nature of the rest of PVV’s program. In other words all you need to do these days to be “far-right’ is to oppose fascistic Islam. Clearly those who make this charge don’t do irony.

But being ‘far-right’ for resisting far-right Islam is only the half of it! That becomes plain when you enter the looking-glass world of the modern liberal journalist. For in contrast to us ‘Nazis’ who don’t like supremacist Islam your average liberal journalist considers himself to be reasonable, civilised and utterly middle-of-the-road. He is the very opposite of extreme in fact! And no doubt he sees a thoroughly nice guy every time he looks in the bathroom mirror in the morning.

But for the sake of comparison to those of us on the ‘far-right’ let’s take a look at what that nice liberal guy believes. What does it actually mean to be mainstream these days? 

If you’ve read the Guardian (or even the ‘Torygraph’) or watched the BBC long enough you get to find out what the people who bandy around the term ‘far-right’ think on other subjects. Here’s a few of their reasonable centrist viewpoints:

• Liberals don’t object to the primitive and savage practice of female genital mutilation which deprives the victim of sexual pleasure her whole life. 

• Thoroughly modern and reasonable liberal journalists and jurists supported the introduction of a parallel system of Sharia justice into Britain which discriminates against women.

• No bunny-hugging leftie talking-head ever seems to voice a doubt about cutting of the throats of millions of conscious animals to meet the demands of religious practice.

• Most mainstream thinkers look down with contempt on the world’s most successful experiment in freedom, America.
• Those same beneficiaries of a free-society are often really keen to extoll the virtues of dictators and mass-murderers like Fidel Castro.
• As Brexit demonstrated almost the entire liberal establishment wanted to give up British sovereignty to the unelected ideologues of the EU.
• And just about every mainstream talking-head believes that a man can become a woman simply by expressing a desire to do so. And anyone who believes the reality that there are two sexes is bigoted.

This is what it means to be middle-of-the-road!

And objecting to these mainstream ideas makes you ‘far-right’. 

Maybe we should wear the insult as a badge of pride. In the same way that the 8th Army adopted the Nazi slur that they were ‘desert rats’ and made it their own. Just as Tottenham fans delight in calling themselves ‘Yids’.

Maybe we on the far-right should say: 

“If that’s what it means to be liberal and reasonable…

Fuck you! We are not only right about everything, we are far right!”

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