From the horse's mouth

There’s a Hollywood staple in which the hero reporter uncovers a scandal that opens everybody’s eyes to the evil reality of a popular nice guy politician and so kills his the political prospects dead.

It’s a fundamentally optimistic narrative about democracy. No matter how evil the guy at the top, no matter how powerful, no matter how dark things look for the hero truth teller, in the end if the people are given the truth their essential virtue will ensure the evil bastard’s demise.

As was recognized from the very start of the American republic, a virtuous citizenry is  the number one precondition for its survival. As Thomas Jefferson had it back in 1789:

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; … whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”

But what if the American people know all about the evil of a politician and elect him or her anyway?

In a poll of likely Democrat voters in New Hampshire from the beginning of this month, 84% gave Hillary Clinton a favorable rating! I guess they were not put off by the recent reminder of Hillary’s arrogance in ignoring State Department rules about emails. The same wrongdoing that an ambassador was fired over.  Maybe those Democrats believe in the defense Winston Churchill used when his valet complained about his rudeness. Churchill took a moment and then replied, “Yes, but I am a great man.” 

Personally I think Hillary’s political achievements make her the Kim Kardashian of politics. Famous for being famous. A few months back PJTV made this point hilariously in a series of interviews of young Hillary fans asking them to name the biggest achievement of their hero. Needless to say they came up short in a way which seemed to surprise them as if they had never thought about the question before.

But even if we concede what a mighty colossus Hillary is on the political scene, how could that 84% not fail to have experienced a queasy sense of déjà vu to hear the words Hillary and scandal cropping up in the same sentence on the TV news?  After all she has the dubious honor of being the only First Lady ever to come under criminal investigation, both in Arkansas and D.C.

Leaving aside some of the juicier allegations that lack a paper trail, surviving witnesses or a smoking gun, let’s just run through some of the proven wrongdoing and who it should likely offend. If you care about women’s issues, you’ll no doubt be put off by her despicable intimidation of Bill’s sexual assault victims. If you hate corruption, then you’ll get excited about Whitewater or Hillary’s murky fundraising . If you hate malicious cruelty, there’s the Travel Office scandal in which Hillary had a loyal civil servant she knew to be innocent indicted for corruption. If you’re a patriot then Hillary’s Benghazi lies will no doubt grate a bit. And for law and order types the terrorist pardons that Hillary arranged for Bill’s last day in office to help her Senate campaign will no doubt rankle. And finally if you’re a cat lover you might not look at her in the same light after finding out what she had done to Kathleen Willey’s furry friend. At HillMart there is truly a scandal for every budget and taste.
So how does she do it? How does Bill’s squeeze with a voice like a band saw, all the personal charm of a speaking clock, and the morality of a Hannibal Lecter get away with it all?

Could it be that those 84% of Democrats are dumb enough to swallow the “vast right-wing conspiracy” line? But if Karl Rove cooked them all up in his dirty tricks department he’s even more of an evil genius than he’s given credit for, because most of those accusing Hillary were committed Democrats who had believed in her and Bill. No. I’ve met plenty of dim lefties, but you’d have to have the IQ of a pot plant to swallow that.

Perhaps we should blame the liberal bias in the media for keeping the truth from trusting lefties? But that doesn’t wash either. Hillary’s unrivaled creativity in skullduggery is so newsworthy that even the networks can’t ignore it. You’d have to be a stone deaf surfer dude who’s spent the last 30 years riding the waves in Waikiki not to know the ugly truth about Hillary.

So no. The inescapable truth is that most Democrat voters know that Hillary is an arrogant, power-mad, harpy. That’s what they like about her!

For the truth of that I refer you to the horse’s mouth herself. In the Hillary Clinton Tapes (top) a much younger Hillary shares her thoughts on the biggest case in her legal career. She opens up with the interviewer and you soon realize why she stopped doing that around 30 years ago.

She tells the story of how young Ms Rodham volunteered to defend a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. That’s not particularly damning for a lawyer, of course. Neither was her admirable work ethic in seeking out a world authority on forensic science to cast doubt on the prosecution case. Though it has to be said that her blame-the-victim attack on the young girl’s moral character was low even for a scumbag lawyer. But that said all this is defensible by simply pointing out a lawyer’s duty to present the best possible case she can.

Or it would be, if it wasn’t for the creepy laughter. The cute homely chuckles about how she knew the 41-year-old rapist was guilty and the her girlish giggles about getting the “foremost expert in the world” to “come from New York to prevent this miscarriage of justice ha ha".

That laughter alone should have killed her candidacy stone dead. That laughter would have destroyed a Republican. Not because of the 24/7 media feeding frenzy that would result. But for the simple reason that Republicans wouldn’t vote for such a scumbag.

The enthusiasm of Democrats to do exactly that is what is killing the Republic.

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