Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. But not this strange!

Could the bin lorry tragedy in Glasgow just before Christmas in which 6 people died and several others were terribly injured in fact have been a “car jihad” atrocity?


That the a binman jihadi murdered  Christmas shoppers on the streets of Glasgow is clearly a mad theory. That’s because the police have been utterly unequivocal that it was 'nothing more sinister' than a fatal traffic accident.

In the words of Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson:

“We can however confirm that this is not a terrorism-related incident.”
So that’s that…

Or that would be that if it wasn’t for the mountain of disturbing circumstantial evidence indicating otherwise.

If this was an accident it must rank as one of the most bizarre in history. The bin lorry mounted the kerb and accelerated down the pavement packed with Christmas shoppers. It was then driven in a straight line for over 300metres down the street. This simply doesn’t fit the claim that the driver suffered a heart attack or seizure particularly with two co-workers also present.

The local council and the police won’t release the name of the bin lorry driver or his two fellow crew members. Incredibly, Glasgow City Council has announced that it “would never release” the names of the driver and his two colleagues.

In all their extensive coverage the media are behaving as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to omit the who of this story. I can’t remember this ever having happened before in a similar accident. Some have claimed that there is a D notice in effect which would explain the media’s silence. But why would the authorities issue such a blanket ban (usually done for reasons of national security) over a traffic accident?
Two weeks later and there has been no confirmation of the driver’s condition or injuries.
At the end of the trail of destruction the driver is clearly pictured seated in an upright position. Not “slumped over the wheel” as was widely reported.
There are reports and pictures which support the contention that the crew were of Middle Eastern appearance.

The accident took place during the most visible celebration of Christianity.
And this all happened in the context of calls from ISIS for British Muslims to take up jihad personally and the most common form that has taken so far is car jihad. On the same day in Dijon, France eleven pedestrians were injured in a car jihad attack on Christmas shoppers.


It comes down to one of two equally fantastic possibilities:

A really strange set of circumstances came together to cause a truly bizarre and tragic accident.


The police and authorities are covering up what will no doubt be known as “The bin lorry jihad”.

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