Women for rape

Where can you get away with open racism these days? Well, if you are a liberal journalist who is fighting the good fight against “Islamophobia”, just about everywhere. Take this article from the supposedly right-wing Daily Mail. It’s a story of the bestial gang rape of a 16-year-old girl and the Mail remarks on some strange features of the case.
The first is that while 3 Somali men raped the girl in a cheap hotel room in Manchester, 6 others looked on and did nothing to stop them. Could it be that they saw nothing particularly wrong in the brutal rape of a helpless young woman? The next is that the 3 defendants had an awful lot of support from their fellow Somalis in the courtroom, who also harassed the parents of the victim throughout the trial. So it looks as if the wider Somali community also sees nothing wrong with these young men’s behaviour. And finally that the mothers, a girlfriend and a couple of dozen other Somali women staged a public demonstration outside the court in their support. They held up a banner exclaiming “No Justice For Somalis” to protest the terrible injustice … of holding their men to account for rape. So it appears that even Somali women support rapists and almost certainly share the view of one of them, Bilal Ahmed, that the victim is a “slut…up for anything”.  

After noting the above the Mail journalists grope around for an explanation that will make sense of the attitude not only of the rapists but also the wider Somali community. One thing they are sure of is that there is something desperately wrong with Somali culture even if they don’t seem to have a clue quite what that is.

Then they put this story into a wider context by quoting shock findings that the vast majority of gang rapes in Britain are committed by ethnic minorities and by giving a few specific examples such as those from Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The clear inference is that gang rape is an ethnic minority problem rather than what it actually is, an Islam problem.
Not once in the entire article is Islam even mentioned. The closest they come is to note that the Somali rapists were staying in the hotel as part of their “Eid celebrations”. It’s a bit like an article on Kristallnacht that fails to make any reference to Nazism. That’s because it is women-hating Islam itself that is the precondition for the explosive growth of gang rape in Britain over the last couple of decades.

The racist branding of all ethnic minorities as potential gang rapists is the last resort of journalists desperate to avoid telling yet another bad news story about Islam. Or in other words really being racist about Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese and the rest of the two thirds of our ethnic minorities that aren’t Muslim is preferable to telling the truth about Islam.

The basic reason for that is not just multicultural pieties. Proof of that is the willingness of the Mail journalists to point the finger at Somali culture. That at least is acceptable for a populist “right-wing” tabloid. But even for the populist Mail it is inconceivable to identify Islam as the problem. How can they identify “one of the world’s great faiths” as an explicitly misogynistic, racist and supremacist ideology? How can they do that when Muslims are approaching a quarter of the world’s population? How could they daily offend British Muslims with the truth about their religion? It would likely cause a sectarian divide that would make the Northern Ireland “Troubles” look like the Notting Hill Carnival.  And how can they do it too when the vast majority of today’s poor suffering refugees are Muslim? It’s inconceivable. At least for a liberal.

That’s why anybody condemning Islam must be stamped on by our liberal masters. They don’t destroy critics of Islam because they are slandering a great and noble religion. They have to destroy them because they are telling the truth.

That’s why the Mail routinely labels all critics of Islam as “far-right”, a synonym for Nazi. And that’s why an article describing a PEGIDA march or an EDL punch up has more vitriol than one describing the murder of 130 innocent French enjoying a Friday night on the town.

And that’s why impeccably liberal journalists don’t hesitate to use racist language in the cause of fighting Islamophobia.

Islam trumps free-speech. Islam trumps human rights. And Islam trumps animal rights. Why shouldn’t Islam trump race?

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