Think I'd prefer a waterboarding session to another CNN report

It keeps coming, drip, drip, drip. For God’s sake, when will those heartless bastards stop!

It’s been 120 hours of unrelenting torture. Every few minutes they’re back in my room on all channels. It gets so I feel I’m drowning in bullshit. And it’s not just me! A good friend is on suicide watch. I guess he just couldn’t take being in such a stressful position so long.
I don’t think I can take much more of it.
I’m referring, of course, to the jackbooted journos of CNN and the rest of the lock-step media in their reporting on the Senate Democrats’ report into CIA torture.

But first a little context:
In Iraq ISIS have tortured and beheaded thousands of men, women, children and babies, but for the media it’s all Bush’s fault so they turn a blind eye to what the head-hackers have to say about their own motivation.

Obama’s vastly expanded drone war has resulted in the horrific deaths of thousands of civilians, but apparently nobody very important to American journalists.
Across the Muslim world a pogrom of titanic proportions is uprooting millions of Christians and annihilating their ancient communities, but it’s such a yawn.
In Nigeria Muslim fanatics have killed far more than ebola but apart from reporting on how caring the First Lady is for posing with the hash tag Bringbackourgirls it’s all a bit of a bore.

And over in Merrie Olde England 1,400 girls as young as 12 are raped and in many cases tortured in Rotherham by a Muslim rape gang and the media delicately drops the subject as soon as they indecently can.

Just in the last month jihadis murdered at least 2,515 people in 284 attacks around the world. The media only reports some of the more spectacular perhaps in recognition that their constant refrain that it’s all ethnic tensions and nothing to do with Islam is wearing a bit thin.

The old media adage “If it bleeds it leads” clearly doesn’t apply to the rising tide of Muslim atrocities.

Then along comes a story that snaps the media out of its fin-de-siècle malaise. A patently partisan Senate torture report hits the wires and its dubious cherry-picked claims are agonized over wall to wall for a solid week as if they were carved in stone and presented to the press by Moses himself.
Even if all the allegations are all true what do they actually amount to? After trawling through 6 million CIA documents the Senate committee found that one terrorist had died of hypothermia in Afghanistan and several dozen others had unpleasant experiences. In fact, given their career choice and its regrettable high mortality rate it could be argued that the CIA has actually saved dozens of terrorist lives from being cruelly cut short.

So if the CIA torture story seems a bit lacking in the body count department what could it possibly have that the others so sadly lack?

It seems that several liberal erogenous zones were stimulated at once creating what is obviously something of a perfect MSM orgasm.

First, the victims are not only brown (Ah) but Muslim (Ahhh) and to top even that they are psycho terrorists (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!).

Second, the perp is not only western (Ah) but American (Ahhh) and Republican (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh) involving George W Bush (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh). And to top all that it’s the CIA (AH, AH, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Whatever it was that raised this minor story to the pitch of feeding frenzy most commentators were convinced of two things.

The revelations shame America and indeed the whole of the West. Britain’s Daily Mail even ran the headline Shaming of the West.  

And second that the report proved finally and conclusively that “torture doesn’t work”.

If they serve no other purpose these ridiculous conclusions do at least provide an interesting case study in how mass psychosis trumps common sense every time.

Our Shame

Far from being shamed by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s revelations the report shows that America has acted with incredible restraint.  Thousands of its citizens are murdered in a vile unprovoked attack and the US in desperate need of hard intelligence nevertheless doesn’t torture its terrorist captives but instead comes up with enhanced interrogation techniques (EITs) explicitly to avoid torturing them in the traditional burning cigarette to the genitals form.

These are then approved by the administration and the relevant Congressional oversight committees are kept informed.

So absolutely no shame attaches to the president and his administration.

The only shame to be apportioned out is that a few Democrats who carrying great governmental responsibility should troll through 6,000,000 pages of CIA documents to cherry pick incidents for narrow partisan reasons. Senators who didn’t even bother to interview a single CIA operative in the EIT program. If their aim was simple treachery they could hardly have been more successful in handing valuable  propaganda to the enemies of America.
The media response to the report also shames America’s journalists and commentators. Because of their ideology this privileged elite whilst blind to the ever greater toll of Islamist atrocities are ever eager to indulge in America bashing.

Torture Works

The latest impossible thing that liberals would have us believe before breakfast is that torture doesn’t work. I’m afraid that they blind-sided me with this one; I never saw it coming. It’s so patently absurd that it’s even tempting not to engage with the idea at all. But as it is fast attaining the prestige of received wisdom I guess it’s time to yell that yet another liberal emperor has no clothes.

As for their reasons for asserting such idiocy it’s the same old liberal thought process at work.

The dilemma:

Torture is cruel and disgusting … but sometimes we need to use torture.


In a perfect world it would not exist.


To eliminate use of torture it must be proved to be ineffective.


A bright new shiny liberal theory debunking torture  is born.

But back in the real world sometimes you absolutely must know and the only way to find out from a committed enemy who despises you is to ask hard.

The EITs as outlined in the Senate report are hard and cruel but the only alternatives to them are either to hand the enemy an enormous advantage as Obama has done by banning EITs or use the traditional electrodes to the genitals, finger nail ripping  form of torture as used by all America’s enemies.

Sorry that’s it. You’ve got to choose. Be a man about it! But if you still choose the liberal position and ban all forms of hard asking you are not inhabiting the high moral ground. You have simply decided to abdicate the responsibility of an adult and allow innocents to pay with their lives for your feeling of moral virtue.

After all though, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all, isn’t it?

But whatever you choose please don’t torture me with your endless blather about Shame of America. It’s you guys, you privileged journalists and commentators with your mock somber tones and warped ideology who shame America.

Please take your head out of your ass and have a look at what’s going down around the world.


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