Leave always win the debate

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Does anybody imagine that the British people would have been trusted with a vote on leaving the EU if David Cameron had thought for one second that there was the slightest possibility of their voting to leave? But here we are a month out from the vote of the century and the polls show there is a real chance that Britain will actually vote to leave. Miracles it seems do still happen.
Cameron, good marketing man he is, put his faith in his absolutely overwhelming control of the message. Just about the entire political establishment would be standing four-square behind him. And he knew that not only would he be able to vastly outspend the Leave campaign, but Remain would also benefit from hundreds of millions of free publicity from the BBC and the rest of our rock solidly left-liberal media. And as if that wasn’t enough there  would be the steady drone of statements from just about every major national and international body of time-servers that leaving the EU would be unwise, costly, dangerous, fatal, etc. And last and definitely least there would even be something for the kids in the form of dozens of bleating celebrity airheads.

With that sort of power over the narrative behind him, how could he possibly lose? It must have seemed like the surest political gamble Cameron has ever taken. Yet here we are in a place we never believed possible. Leave really can win.

Miracles do still happen apparently.

But even miracles need a helping hand. And for the campaign to leave the EU that came in the form of the incredible debater, Nigel Farage. Cometh the hour, cometh the man has never been more apt. Without Farage humiliating and ridiculing our professional political class year in, year out there would be no referendum. Sure thing or not, nothing other than the absolute political necessity of neutralizing a surging Ukip would have tempted Cameron to promise it. Our political class pretends to despise him for “appealing to peoples basest instincts” but in reality they just hate him for blowing the gaff and showing them up for the posturing liars they are.

Then with the referendum looming Cameron suffered a serious defection when a truly big-beast of British politics, Boris Johnson, threw in his lot with Leave. If miracles need a helping hand there is none better than Boris Johnson to conjure one up. In deep-red London Conservative election victory was the stuff of distant memory till the deceptively bumbling Boris got himself elected Mayor of London not once but twice.
Boris entering the fray no doubt gave Cameron his first real premonitory chill of approaching political death.

But events are also helping out. Britain’s population has been transformed by migration over the last few years and its society and infrastructure are falling apart under the strain. But anybody with even half an ear for the news knows that this is just the preliminary to the invasion we can expect in years to come if we leave the Euro-clowns in charge of our immigration.

But although high profile campaigners and events have helped the greatest strength of the Leave campaign is the logic of its case. Every single time the issue is debated openly and fairly (as above) the Remain camp is annihilated.

I must confess that the biggest shock for me personally has been just how mean, pessimistic and pathetic the Remain campaign has been. Here are the main arguments expressed by each side over the last few weeks.

Leave’s case:

It’s vital that those with power over us are accountable and can be kicked out of office in elections.

• EU is anti-democratic.

• We must be able to control immigration.

• There is a world of opportunity outside Europe.

• We love Europe and will continue to work and trade with European neighbours and allies. The EU is not Europe!

• EU bureaucracy is strangling our economy.

• Britain can manage its own affairs.

Remain’s case:

• It will be really really dangerous for some reason if Britain (one of the world’s oldest and most successful democracies) becomes as independent as, say, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, The United States, etc, etc, etc…

That’s really it! That’s all they’ve got.

And every day we are given a new angle on this many headed hydra from increasing roaming charges and lost jobs to increased risk of terrorism and war. That last is particularly rich from Cameron whose own Libyan war has brought so many migrants to European shores.
Nothing positive, no vision, just fear of change.

Or on a lighter note here's the Ghostbusters' version of the Remain case:


But despite all this Remain still have a very good chance of winning. Their trump card is the general apathy of the British people. Their best chance is that the British people don’t bother to think about the arguments and vote instead based on the mood music from the BBC and our liberal talking heads. If they think about it, they will vote Leave. But if they can’t be persuaded to shift their gaze from Strictly Come Dancing and EastEnders long enough to form a cogent thought we will lose.

That’s the last miracle we need, getting Britain off its backside!

Spread the word about the truly historic opportunity we have to break free from the dying would-be superstate of the EU.

If we persuade enough people then we may wake up on 24th June to news that would have seemed a miracle just a few months ago.

Let's make it happen.

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