Cameron effortlessly wins competition to tell most lies with least words.

As the momentous Brexit referendum nears it seems that the Remain crowd have a killer argument.

This is best summed up by Cameron’s warning that Brexit would be “a leap into the dark”. This is the only effective argument he has and that's why he goes on and on about it. He warns us that just about everything and everybody we know and love will be hurt if Britain leaves the EU. Just from the last couple of days we’ve heard that house prices will fall by 18%, the economy will contract by up to 6%, terrorists will be emboldened, Putin too, 800,000 will lose their jobs, the cure for cancer will be delayed. And that’s only a sample. This is undoubtedly the most painstakingly described “leap in the dark” in history.

Incidentally, none of these predictions is supposed to be taken seriously. The Leave camp get outraged and take the trouble to counter and reveal each of them as brazen lies and fantasies from the same people who predicted such a bright future for the euro. But they are missing the point and wasting their time. The Remain crowd couldn’t care less if all their doom-laden prophesies are debunked. Their intention isn’t to persuade by rational argument, but to create such a blizzard of woe that those who are not very clued into the debate, particularly the young, will come away with the vibe that leaving the EU will be some sort of disaster.

And the polls show that their campaign is having its intended effect. People are no doubt sceptical of what Cameron and Osborne say. After all they’ve got form in the lies and deception department. But the sheer number of stark warnings overwhelms your critical faculties. You know for sure that this claim and that one is ridiculous but there are so many lurid fantasies of woe that it takes a supreme act of will not to be taken in. It’s actually a tribute to the common sense of the British people that the Leave camp still have at least 40% support.
So if Brexit is voted down on 24th June it will be because fear of change trumped decades of experience of Britain in the EU and rational argument.

This will be tragically ironic because as Michael Gove pointed out the other day, the status quo is not on the ballot. In short although leaving the EU will change things a bit, staying will result in the disastrous transformation of Britain.

If we leave we will continue to trade on virtually or even identical terms to those we currently have. We will have the opportunity to cut through swathes of damaging EU bureaucracy and regulation, but knowing our leaders as we do it’s clear that any change and improvement in this area is likely to be glacial in pace. Those EU citizens who currently work in Britain will no doubt be able to stay though new arrivals will have to be approved. If we leave there will be the opportunity to make all sorts of trade deals around the world, but the benefits will be gradual and only felt after a few years. In short little will change in the near future. The only real danger is that the EU will cut up rough over exit negotiations and try to make things difficult for us, but this seems unlikely as the stagnant EU is hardly in the shape to fight a trade war with such a vital market for them. So very likely there will be little change.

On the other hand if we remain in the EU the millions of inassimilable Muslim migrants now pouring into Europe will get EU passports and many will head for Britain. And if we remain the Turks will first obtain visa free travel in the EU and then full membership bringing further millions to our shores. If you think Britain has been transformed by the 700,000 immigrants it currently receives every year, you’ve really seen nothing yet. It will be the end of a recognisably British Britain. It will be a cultural genocide. Sounds fantastic I know, but ask the Cockneys how quickly the unimaginable became reality for them. 

The Remain crowd have a killer argument that will likely win the referendum. A killer argument that warns people to stick with the devil they know. The sad irony is that voting Remain is a vote for the disastrous change.

The Remain campaign’s killer argument will kill Britain. That’s one hell of a killer argument!

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