Our only hope is if he joins the Republican party

With Obama shilling for the Iranian regime in its quest for nuclear weapons, we will soon need to come up with an answer to the following:

What will we do when Muslim terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb in a western city?

Let’s say it’s around noon and one of those Breaking News banners appears on the TV screen. “Nuclear explosion in London, casualties unknown but in the thousands”.

Well Britain is a nuclear power so I guess we would nuke the perpetrators. Let’s assume at this point that Britain has a free hand in the use of its nuclear arsenal, a generous assumption to make.

If he’s still alive, the prime minister will emerge from his bunker to give a stern statement promising swift retaliation. “This will not stand. For the sake of all our futures it cannot be allowed to go unpunished” as the PM so eloquently puts it.

But the first complication is that these are not the good old days of the Cold War and nobody has admitted responsibility, quite the reverse in fact. The Iranians along with every other potential enemy on the planet are very sincerely declaring their absolute innocence and offering their profound condolences for the barbarous act.

So first things first, there must be an investigation. Let’s say it takes as long as the Lockerbie one did, which was three years, and it comes to the definite conclusion that Hezbollah terrorists supplied by Iran were responsible.

OK, so we bomb the bastards, right?

Not so fast says Cameron or whichever identikit successor is in office. In the three years since the incineration of around 35,000 Londoners passions have cooled.

A revealing poll shows that fully 20% of the population think that America or Mossad were behind the attack. Another 42% think that though Iran was responsible we should not retaliate because of the danger of a counter attack. That leaves 28% of the population who agree with the option that Britain must retaliate. Ten percent don’t know what to think!

It should also be said that by this time most of the world including several other nuclear powers have lined up against the possibility of any nuclear response. Unanswerably in the court of world opinion, they ask why hundreds of thousands of innocent Iranians should die horribly for the crime of just a few of their leaders?

And for their part the Iranians contemptuously reject the results of our investigation, but have very  generously offered to hold their own which may report its findings sometime early in the next decade. They also warn Britain in no uncertain terms that any attack on Iran, nuclear or conventional, will be met with a full nuclear counterstrike. In the supreme leader’s words “The Little Satan will be wiped from the face of the earth as a warning to all crusaders that there is a new world order: Allah’s”
The British government decides on a new line which is summed up in the following sound bite: “Our great metropolis, London, is the ‘Rainbow City’. The victims of that monstrous attack are a united nations of pain,” says identikit pausing for effect, “and to the United Nations we must go for justice.”

Ten years later the International Criminal Court excretes a couple of low level Iranian flunkies into the British prison service.

“I can assure the British people that in this case life means life” says the latest PM in his sternest tones.

The case has netted tens of millions for the lawyers and has lasted so long that one of the original 3 defendants has died from an undiagnosed heart complaint (compensation claim pending).
We learn too late what is means to allow the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism to build nuclear bombs.

We learn the hard reality behind the Japanese emperor’s command to his people at the end of the Second World War.
When terrorists detonate an atom bomb in a western city we will have to “endure the unendurable”.

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