The establishment BBC indulges the SJWs

Well, those upper-class SJWs (social justice wankers) who blocked the runway at London’s City Airport causing mayhem and annoyance got one thing right. As she was sentenced to a derisory conditional discharge and £95 costs, Ms Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes (no, really) commented ‘Go white privilege’.

It certainly looked as if she might be on to something. After all this bunch of jokers delayed 9,000 passengers and cost a shedload of cash. How could the court’s refusal to punish them be anything else than privilege in action? Especially if you consider that in the case of two of Twisleton’s co-defendants it wasn’t even a first offence or even the first time they had disrupted an airport. Esme Waldron and Churston Ferrers (no, really) have previous for blocking a tunnel to Heathrow and causing chaos for which they were also fined a derisory sum.

So this bunch of white ‘Black Lives Matter activists’ (no, really) are undoubtedly beneficiaries of privilege. But ‘white’ privilege? It turns out that on this point, as very likely on just about any subject she has an opinion, Ms Twisleton is pathetically deluded. Though she studied English at university she doesn’t seem to have put it to much use in keeping up with current affairs. If she had, she would have heard about the working-class white man from Bristol, Kevin Crehan, who is currently at the arse end of a year in the clink for putting bacon rashers on a mosque door handle and abusing a worshipper. Not much evidence of ‘white privilege’ in his case. Or in the very many similar cases of working class whites that have been jailed for annoying Muslims.

‘Why working class whites?’ you may ask. Very simply because they are the ones who have to live next to the millions of inassimilable Muslims their upper-class betters have gifted the country. But I digress.

It’s not even what you might call ‘upper-class twat privilege’, because if these clots had blocked the drive of a mosque rather than an airport runway and annoyed a dozen Muslims rather than 9,000 travellers, they’d have a very different experience of the British justice system. And the only white privilege they’d benefit from would be their skin’s superior vitamin D synthesization as they languished in a dim cell while enjoying some interesting novelties in their sex lives at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

No, the reason they went unpunished is that Twisleton and her buddies benefitted not from ‘white privilege’ but from ‘lefty privilege’. Britain is run by the liberal-left who have corrupted the justice system so that those who break the law to further a left-wing cause are hardly punished, while those who commit trivial offences against lefty pieties are stamped on with implacable severity. That’s why you can cause hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage to nuclear power stations or shale gas installations and get off scot-free. That’s why it took so long to deal with the animal rights terrorists who made life hell for Life Sciences employees.  But that’s also why those who merely burn a koran, demonstrate with the EDL, or leave a tasty pork product anywhere near a mosque are invariably banged up.

The tragic aspect of the story is that poor deluded Twisleton was probably sincere in her ‘Go white privilege’ comment and a bit disappointed not to have annoyed the powers that be a little more. She is clearly oblivious to the sad truth that far from being dashing rebels in the mould of Che, she and her spoiled comrades are indulged by the establishment because they are utter conformists to the liberal left worldview and so are absolutely no threat to it.  

Go lefty privilege!

If this ruthless truth depresses her and she still hankers after the thrill of real rebellion, she might like to visit the pork counter in her local Fortnum and Mason’s.

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