Nigel sups with the devil

Ukip are the only hope.

But they’ve got to get their act together.

Nigel Farage screwed up the above encounter with the BBC. He comes off shifty because he’s too careful and diplomatic to do the right thing. The right thing is to give a straight answer. Something like this perhaps:

“I am not giving you an interview because Panorama is a hopelessly biased left-wing propaganda outfit that uses every opportunity to smear my party.”

That’s what people want from Ukip. In fact, straight talking is just about Ukip’s only advantage over the entrenched political elite.

Nigel didn’t give a straight answer to the scumbag pretend-objective Panorama journalist because he is too cautious. Farage is afraid that the BBC will twist any true answers he gives to show him in a bad light. In that, of course, he’s absolutely right.

They commonly use one or more of the following wheezes against right-wingers. They edit footage to show them as extremists, as weird, as out of touch, or as just plain angry and unattractive. In any sort of discussion show despite the fact that a majority of British support right-wing parties, the BBC will isolate the conservative voice by surrounding him with lefties like Custer by the Sioux at the Little Big Horn. So however many barbs the rightie dodges they’re bound to get him in the end through sheer weight of numbers.

Then there’s the tactic used in the interview above. Michael Moore-like an everyman type character ambushes his prey in the hope of an irritated or unguarded comment that can be worked up into the equivalent of a Hitler speech.

With the Beeb on your case it’s not worth being subtle with your answers. If you dodge their left or right they’ll just go below the belt or dish out a sucker punch. Like the Sioux at the Little Big Horn if they don’t get you with one they’ll get you with another.

But there is a way to deal with their little games. It’s called blunt talking. Don’t be afraid of the Beeb, just tell it as it is and all will be well.

Here’s why blunt talking is a sure fire winner.

First, Ukip only exists because the British are sick of the lies and clever evasions of politicians. Its very raison d’etre  is to be open and clear about problems which the other parties won’t even discuss. If Ukip ducks questions, Ukip has no reason to exist. And as Margaret Thatcher demonstrated 3 elections in a row, plain speaking gets through to the voter despite and maybe even because of all the media's efforts to distort it. In the European elections Ukip was like the alien invader in Startrek. Every attack on it made it stronger. 
Second, Beeb journalists and leftist politicians live in a liberal bubble and almost never have to defend their ideas. This leaves them very poorly equipped to debate right-wingers. In short, if a conservative goes on the attack, they’re lost. There’s a great illustration of that in Jeremy Paxman’s interview of Ann Coulter. The Beeb’s big beast experiences the same shock as the hunters in Crocodile Dundee when the kangaroo shoots back. How dare the conservative not abase herself before Paxo’s unassailable moral ascendancy!

Third, the BBC hate having their impartiality questioned. Ramming home this self-evident truth over and again is like hammering a stake into the heart of the BBC. Without their still high reputation for objectivity they’ll be seen as just another RTV or Al Jazeera  with an axe to grind, which of course they are.

Along with blunt speaking, Ukip also needs to differentiate itself from the Conservatives in another key way. They’ve got to stop apologizing for their beliefs and in the words of Andrew Breitbart “Walk towards the fire.” The left’s vile abuse and vilification must be faced down.

There was a great example of that on the BBC’s Question Time when Melanie Philips rounded on a liberal numpty who was making vile accusations about Ukip and its supporters. It was so inspiring to have somebody hold up mirror to a hate-filled leftie that even the Question Time audience broke into applause.

The British famously love the underdog and a pugnacious one even more so. It is Nigel’s and Ukip’s job to go like Daniel into the lion’s den of liberal media bias. He has a chance to overthrow the liberal aristocracy, but only if he remembers two things:

Tell it like it is.


Walk towards the fire.

Do that and talent will flock to the party and people will vote for us.


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