Yvette Cooper, Progressive Monster

I wonder what it takes to turn a regular person into an inhuman liberal monster?

Yesterday the Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, announced her party’s response to the Rotherham Muslim child rape scandal. Curiously, it's almost disappeared from the news now but that’s the one where at least 1400 children as young as 11 were gang raped and trafficked across the North of England by a Muslim gang.

To anybody with normal human sensibilities there are two key points about the case.

The first is the religion of the perpetrators. In common with all the gang rape perpetrators in recent years they are Muslim. Could there possibly be something in Islam that creates such behaviour toward women?

The second point is that for 16 years, the police, the local government, the social services and charities far from doing anything to deal with the mass despicable criminality going on in fact connived and enabled it through their inaction and cover ups.

Those are also the two main points that come out of the Independent Inquiry into Child Exploitation in Rotherham and as I say anyone with normally functioning human sensibilities would agree.

Enter stage left liberal monster Yvette Cooper. The Rotherham scandal was a severe blow to Labour’s image as the party that cares about ordinary people as opposed to the Conservative Party, the “nasty” party, that exploits and degrades them at every opportunity. In view of this, you can imagine that Yvette’s plan to deal with the issue is the product of some very careful consideration and analysis.

So in one end of the Labour policy machine they entered the statistics of the appalling misery suffered by working class girls and after processing through the lens of leftist multicultural ideology out popped the solution to the problem.

More of the same.

Children should receive compulsory relationship lessons to prevent violence against women. What was needed Yvette insisted was a “massive cultural change” so that sexual abuse victims shouldn’t be blamed for bringing their sufferings upon themselves.

So in short. They want to indoctrinate the kids with precisely the same ideology that is itself the problem. They want to make universal the mindset that led dozens of progressive professionals in authority to ignore and cover up bestial evil for 16 years. All of the dozens of top officials, charity workers and even policemen were caring leftists whose feminist credentials were pristine. That’s their solution. The problem is their solution to the problem.

The implementation of their plan would do less than nothing to prevent further similar outrages from happening. They know that, but they don’t care.

In such situations commentators are wont to wonder how such people can look at themselves in the mirror. But in reality I imagine their unfeeling, inhuman interaction with the world causes them not the slightest moral scruple.

They are extremist ideologues. They are liberal monsters.

And unless there is a massive cultural change in the mindset of the elites in Britain such horrors will go on and on and on.

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