I hope the enemy trembles as I do when they look at our new army.

Britain will never again go to war without our European allies says Defence Secretary Michael Fallon. Apparently we have a “growing partnership” with our EU allies and should the Argies cut up rough over the Falklands again we can be sure that the French and the Italians will have our back.

I must say I’m a bit sceptical on that last bit.

But as regards the main point, I would go even further than the Defence Secretary.

Not only won't we be marching off to war with our European allies, our soldiers won't be off to fight any wars at all. Good news of course. But sadly the reason isn’t that the world peace has finally arrived. On that score in fact there seems to have been a bit of an uptick in death and destruction recently.

No, the British army won’t be going anywhere, because David Cameron and his liberal cronies have just about completed their long-term goal of crippling it. Take a look at what they've actually done rather than what this week's Defence Secretary says, and it's difficult to come to any other conclusion. It is now unthinkable for the British Army to fight a serious war. Cue Lennon and Yoko.

Take a look at the following questions and ask yourself if these are the actions of a government that supports our armed forces.  

1) Why would you slash defence spending leaving us with just 82,000 soldiers  if you were serious about defending Britain?

2) Why allow Public Interest Lawyers and other scumbag ambulance chasers to bump up the number of cases against British soldiers who fought in Iraq to 1,555 unless you want to fatally wound our soldiers morale and with it their ability to fight?

3) Sergeant Blackman. Why leave Marine A languishing in prison unless you want to deter our soldiers from ever killing an enemy again?

4) Why introduce women into fighting roles when they will significantly impact on combat effectiveness? Is it really worth hamstringing our army just to cosy up to feminists?

5) The killer question. If Fallon is to be believed we won’t go to war without the Italians. Remind me, when did the Italians last go to war?

I rest my case.

Merry Christmas war is over. La la la la.

I wonder if anybody has told the Islamofascists?


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