Cameron: delusional of mendacious?

Great news to report. David Cameron’s thinking on the Islamist threat has taken a step closer to reality. The number of Islamist loons we face has been upgraded from “a small minority” of Muslims to “a minority”.

Cameron decided on this new formulation in his speech on the upgrading of Britain’s terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe”.

In truth the change was forced upon him by inconvenient reality seeping into the news. No matter how much liberal dressing you put on the report that up to 3,000 British Muslims are off head-hacking with ISIS, it’s increasing difficult to maintain the narrative that only a tiny minority of Muslims have been seduced by Islamism.

It’s a welcome change in the narrative, but Cameron still has some way to go in facing up to the ruthless truth.

HIs government estimates that between 500 and 3000 of our citizens are off on a murdering sabbatical with ISIS. If you split the difference between those two numbers you come up with a figure of 1750. That’s about three times the number of Muslims serving in the British armed forces.

That is a real world empirical indication of where the sympathies of British Muslims lie. This is not just another poll indicating frightening levels of theoretical support for al Qaeda; this is hundreds and probably thousands of Muslims taking some pains and facing great danger for the possibility to murder a few infidels.

In his speech on the terror threat upgrade Cameron emphasised again the vital importance of distinguishing between Islam the religion, and Islamism the poisonous political ideology. But once again back in the real world no such distinction exists. Even a slight acquaintance with Islam, its history and current affairs reveal the essential problem we face. Islam is every bit as much an ideology as it is a religion. And an ideology whose tenets are diametrically opposed to secular democracy, equality and freedom.

No true Muslim can support equality for women.

No true Muslim can support freedom of speech.

And no true Muslim can support democracy.

The Muslims who claim there is no necessary conflict between the dictates of their faith and life in a tolerant, secular democracy are either lying or ignorant of their own religion.

Cameron and the rest of our governing elite need to face up to the reality that it is the so called “moderate” Muslims who are the deluded minority of Muslims not the jihad boys.

So, well done, Dave, for taking a baby step toward that reality. But the first significant step to defeating Islamism is to understand that Islamism is true Islam, and that’s why so many Muslims support it.


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