An uncharacteristically passionate May

Apparently there is something that excites Theresa May.

Listen to how poetic Theresa May gets about Islam, and you'll undersand why Tommy Robinson is in prison.

After all if as May says 'Muslim communities across the country today' were celebrating the end of the 'holy month of Ramadan' by helping those less fortunate'.

If we really could 'reflect on and celebrate the incredible contribution to our national life made by Britain's 3 million Muslims'.

If Muslims were 'playing their part in making this a successful, diverse nation...'

If Muslims really did 'enrich' us...

If Theresa May's vision of Islam were true, then having Tommy Robinson ranting on about Muslim paedophiles should at least get him jailed for slander.

If it were true.

But in the real world the 'holy month of Ramadan' saw 182 attacks around the world killing 854 people.

In the real world despite having the youngest age profile of any demographic, just one in five British Muslims are in work.

And in the real world many formerly diverse areas of Britain are now sterile, Islamic monocultures, because intolerant Muslims have driven the 'Kafir' out.

And far from enriching us, in the real world uncounted books, films and articles don't get created because they might upset Muslims.

Clearly I'm not talking about all Muslims. But the general rule is the more devout the Muslim the less good a British citizen he will make, for the simple reason that supremacist Islam is not compatible with a modern, tolerant democracy.

But though I'm not tarring all Muslims with the same brush, Theresa May seems to be quite off her head in admiration for Islam. 

And she's not alone. Many other liberal-leftists share this delusion which wouldn't matter so much if they didn't control everything from the police to the BBC. But they do.

That's why Tommy Robinson is now a political prisoner. 

We see an insanely courageous teller of hard truths.

Theresa May sees a prejudiced bigot.

Theresa May be bonkers.

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