"May struggles to comprehend"

In the wake of the latest Muslim atrocity in Manchester the ridiculous pretence  goes on. The farce of the first war in history in which one side despite the ever increasing toll of corpses and maimed refuses to admit that it is in fact at war.

Theresa May says that ‘We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that sees a room packed with young children not as a scene to cherish, but as an opportunity for carnage.’ But why does she struggle to understand? Nothing could be simpler to understand than seeing obvious acts of war for what they are?

This is merely the latest in a long line of attacks in the Muslim war being waged on us. As the Times reports today, five terror plots have been prevented in just the two months since the Westminster murders. In the last few years there have been literally dozens of plans for the mass-murder of British citizens. Most have been thwarted because of the incompetence of the enemy, but as the technical sophistication of this latest attack indicates we cannot rely on that much longer.

A few days ago it was revealed that the security services are tracking around 3,500 terrorists with a further 12,000 suspected of having some connection to the jihad. This is that ‘infinitesimal’ percentage of Islamist Muslims we so often hear about. But even this 15 thousand just represents the fighters not their support network and home front. Consider the 2016 poll that revealed that fully two-thirds of British Muslims would not report a terror plot to the police. We have allowed an enemy population to gestate in the very heart of our country and they are now at war with us. A fifth column which far from assimilating over time is becomes more extreme with each new generation.

The aim of this enemy is to destroy our free, decadent, irreligious and irreverent Britain and enslave its population to Islam. In short Islamists want to kill us and ‘moderate’ Muslims have shown themselves time after time to be happy to watch them do it.

But if the continual attacks don’t persuade you that we are at war; if you think that maybe racism and British foreign policy have radicalised a few losers and hotheads (15, 500 losers and hotheads!). If you take comfort in the government ‘we are united against terror’ message, then you might want to pay heed to what the enemy are actually saying and promising to do to us and our children. Take out 5 minutes to Google some ISIS proclamations. Because unlike Hitler who invaded Poland without declaring war, credit where it’s due those ISIS boys declared war, many times, before their low-life loser terrorist murdered and maimed those little girls in Manchester.

Theresa May pretends we are fighting with ‘terrorists’ when terrorism is merely the method the enemy use to fight their war against us.

If it looks like war that's because it is war

We are at war.

Once we realise that what do we do?

We Fight

1)    All Muslim immigration must be halted until the war is over. That will be at least several decades or never.

2)    Any British citizen that travelled to Syria needs to be charged with treason and dealt with accordingly. Unlike removing the passports of citizens there is no legal barrier to this and it will achieve the same result as most of the traitors it affects will fly the country.

3)    Anyone found guilty of intending to kill in the name of terrorising the British people must be imprisoned until the end of the war in an unpleasant POW camp.

4)    All police, social workers, and local and central government officials who neglected their duties to protect the many thousands of underage girls left to the tender mercies of the Muslim rape gangs must be punished to the full extent of the law. The reason this keeps on happening again and again is that these enablers of evil are not punished for turning a blind eye to the savagery going on under their noses. Perversely, until now you could only be punished for enforcing the law against Muslims and getting accused of racism.

5)    Muslim areas to be policed effectively. Any attempts to intimidate non-Muslims to be squashed with the same vigour currently applied to ‘hate crimes’.

6)    All girls found to have been genitally mutilated should be taken from their parents. FGM is about as bad as child abuse can get and we currently remove children with much less reason. Again this is covered by existing law. It just requires a redefinition of child abuse. It would also have the further advantage of encouraging many Muslims to move to a country where such evil is permitted.

7)    If there is reason to suspect a mosque or Muslim school is spreading hatred of non-Muslims it should first be monitored with CCTV. If any incitement is heard or if those cameras are interfered with in any way the mosque or school should be closed.

8)    No more mosques. Most Muslim countries enforce a complete ban on new churches. Perhaps we could adopt this practice from their culture.

9)    There needs to be an information campaign that teaches the British people the truth about Islamic beliefs and history. Once people know just how similar the Muslim and Nazi world views are they will understand the need to protect our society from it.

10) All citizens on the terror watch list with dual nationality to be deported immediately to their real home country. Those with just British nationality need to be inconvenienced in proportion to the inconvenience they cause their country. If any think this would be going too far I would remind them that we already do it to white British citizens such as Tommy Robinson.

You may agree with many or all of the above points but sigh that it will never happen with our spineless government. But here’s the thing. The above is the most civilised way we can win this war. Unless we use reasonable measures such as these, this country will one day end up employing methods that will make these look like a day at Butlins. After all it’s only 73 years since we burned alive more than 20 thousand mostly women and children in one night in Dresden to very little military purpose. We had had the chance to stop Hitler relatively  easily in the 30s, but we didn’t have the courage to grasp the nettle. Later we had no choice and then we slaughtered with abandon till the war was won.

Times change. After a future nuclear or biological attack that kills thousands or tens of thousands, we will find ourselves doing whatever it takes to win. We will do things that will make Dresden look like a barbeque that got out of hand. If we don’t deal with this threat now when the Muslim population is still only 5% of the total there will, in Enoch Powell’s words ‘much blood’ between us and victory.

There is, of course, an even worse possibility: that we lose to Islam and with that any possibility for our children and their children to grow up in a free country. 

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