The new face of our army?

This is the sort of thing that troubles the British Army these days. A headline from the Evening Standard:

British Army bans soldiers saying 'sir' on the phone because it is 'outdated'

Apparently there is a danger of causing offense or embarrassment to those who are accidentally misgendered.

Just as a paleontologist can identify a dinosaur from a single bone, sometimes a single trivial incident tells you a lot about a huge organisation. And what this snippet tells us is that there is something deranged at work in the British Army.

Of course there's something generally deranged about Britain these days. Transgenderism which was a freakish mental illness till the day before yesterday is now so universally accepted by the media as ordinary that the BBC can actually pose the question:

Is it discriminatory to refuse to date a trans woman?

In the American: Fuck, no.

Yes, I get it. Transgender people have it hard. And yes I agree that we should all be nice to them. But the thing with transgenderism is that it is a mental illness and 50% of its sufferers kill themselves. And that rate of suicide is the same for transgender people who have transitioned to their desired sex and also those who have transitioned for a second time back to their original sex. 

That this sad condition should be hard-sold as legitimate is both dishonest and evil. Dishonest because I strongly doubt there is a single liberal talking-head on the gender dysphoria bandwagon who would want their son or daughter to marry a transgender person. And evil because they are encouraging the spread of this mental disorder way beyond the the unfortunate few previously afflicted.

So much for our deluded liberal elite.

As regards the British Army, I would have thought that that being mentally ill was a disqualification to getting trained in firearms and bearing the terrible responsibility for other people's lives. But apparently not. 

Clearly the British Army has learned nothing from Bradley  Manning's costly betrayal of his country. 

But this is not the main problem. Fortunately, there are as yet few sufferers of gender dysforia and despite the Army's best efforts it seems unlikely that many will join up.

No. The main problem is what this story reveals about the British Army's politically correct mindset. In what should be the quintessential masculine institution in the country whose job after all is to kill, you have colonels banning the use of 'Sir' over the phone for fear of causing embarrassment. 

For centuries it was our enemies who feared the lethal effectiveness of the British Army.

Now it is the British people who should fear for the British Army.

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