What works for EastEnders doesn't work for Tesco

Apparently the corpse of British national pride is not quite dead. Last week a bolt of electricity caused a spasm in an extremity which may or may not be a sign of life.

The Shock came in the form of a cheesy Christmas ad from Tesco. The  usual lame humour was well in evidence, but with a slight multicultural tweak. Along with all the low-rent white British and far more cultured ethnic minorities featured was a bunch of Muslim women exchanging gifts and clearly celebrating the season of good will along with the rest of us.

This inclusion set off a firestorm. Tesco's Twitter account was inundated with criticisms of featuring Islam in a Christmas ad.

This according to every newspaper was racism of the worst sort. The supposed preserve of the hanging and flogging brigade, The Daily Mail, found the British people's reaction both 'sickening' and 'shocking'. And helpfully they provided an example (of presumably the most shocking racism) by quoting the following Tweet:

'Tesco have just put an advert out showing families celebrating and enjoying Christmas dinner. Why was a Muslim family included in this ad?' 

Hmm. Not exactly foaming at the mouth, is he? Seems a pretty reasonable question to ask. But, of course, that's the despicable deviousness of racists these days: taking refuge in reasoned argument. But we all know that under their calm exterior they are just itching for a lynching.

But putting to one side the knee-jerk accusations of racism from the liberal jerks in the media, do they have a point? After all Christmas is the time for coming together and Jesus himself taught us to reach out to our enemies. 

Also as many less rabid commentators on the left like Maajid Nawaz pointed out our inconsistency. On the one hand we demand that Muslims integrate, but then on the other we complain at an ad showing them doing precisely that.

It's a good point. Nobody interested in making Britain's chaotic multi-cultural mess work could disagree with including Muslims in an ad. But the snag is that integrating with Britain is only possible for non-practising, moderate or social Muslims. 

But silly old Tesco didn't just include Muslims in its Benetton style celebration of diversity. To make the point they had to dress them up in hijabs to the eyebrows. And then to underline the point that these are in fact Muslims that we are looking at they showed a young girl also wearing a veil. Only the wackiest, political Muslims sexualise their little girls in this way. And for such Muslims putting up decorations and exchanging presents at Christmas is strictly haram. It is inconceivable that such Muslims inculcated since birth with a distrust and contempt for Christians and pagans would do this.

And that was essentially what set people off to complain. They are annoyed because they are being shown a lie. A devout Muslim is as likely to celebrate Christmas as a Nazi would be to attend a Bar Mitzvah. 

The irony is that Tesco don't in fact stock any halal turkeys. This rather gives the lie to their 'Everyone's Welcome' slogan and strongly suggests their real view of the likelihood of a substantial Muslim market for their Christmas produce.

One other interesting feature of this storm in an SJW playpen is as Sherlock Holmes might have put it 'the dog didn't bark' or in this case the rabid SJWs didn't bark 'Islamophobe!' In all the accounts I read this accusation was entirely absent apart from one desultory mention in The Guardian. 

This is weird because just about all of the criticism of the ad was specifically aimed at the presence of Muslims while nobody objected to the prominent inclusion of other ethnic minorites.

So why not foam at the mouth at this obvious 'Islamophobia'? Surely this is the ideal opportunity to deploy this dreaded slur. 

I guess that 'Islamophobe' just doesn't hack it anymore.

Maybe when the lying use of 'racist' also stops working the corpse of British national pride can rise again.


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