Phil Shiner’s treason given credibility by the BBC

What do you have to do to get into prison these days if you’re a lefty social justice warrior?
Take Phil Shiner, he’s a one man Holocaust to British interests. Here’s brief rundown of his rap sheet:

• Caused untold stress to hundreds of British soldiers through knowingly laying false accusations resulting in dawn arrests, injuries and several recorded suicide attempts.

• Paid a third party to drum up business, no questions asked.

• Paid a witness to change his evidence in the Al Sweady enquiry.

• Will likely cause the deaths of British servicemen by changing the conduct of future operations to include the possibility of malicious prosecutions from leftie lawyers back home.

• Has cost the British taxpayer tens of millions and has personally profited from this expenditure.

• Has seriously damaged the reputation of the British Army.

• Has seriously damaged its morale reducing its effectiveness in defending the UK.

• Recruitment to the Army has been badly affected.

• Has given comfort and succor to Britain’s enemies.

• Has damaged the reputation of his profession through his criminal behaviour.

• Has inflamed Muslim suspicions about the true nature of British foreign policy.

What’s the appropriate punishment for such a Moriarty of treason?  At the very least I would have thought a life sentence and a big enough fine to divest him of all the fruits of his crimes. All the facts are out there. All the devastation caused to individual soldiers and British interests have been laid bare. Laws clearly broken. But no charges have been laid and if you’ve been following the case you’ll have picked up on the doubts of commentators that any ever will be.

Why the reluctance?

The simple answer is that Shiner is not a lone wolf in his treason. After all his treason won him the award of Solicitor of the Year from the Law Society. His treason won him glowing approval from our national broadcaster, the BBC, as it whipped up his baseless allegations into disgusting propaganda against our soldiers. His treason won him honorary degrees left, right and centre from our educational elite. His treason was lauded by senior political figures such as Labour’s Baroness Chakrabarti. And last but not least, his treason was even supported by the Ministry of Defence which enabled his witch-hunt of its servicemen and women for years.

Shiner’s treason only prospered because as Daniel Hannan puts it:

“Our legal, political and academic establishments wanted Shiner to be right. They wanted our troops to be war criminals. They wanted Britain to be disgraced.”

That’s why our elites are reluctant to prosecute Phil Shiner. 

Sir John Harington summed it up 400 years ago:

“Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

Treason is prospering all right. And that’s why traitor Phil Shiner is escaping prosecution.

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