Almost certainly victims of our allies in the Army of Islam

Here's the thing. Not a single British or American journalist reported the atrocity chemical weapons (CW) attack on Douma from closer than a neighbouring country! 

Okay, it's understandable that no western journalist would feel safe reporting from the lair of 'Animal Assad' in Damascus. But why not from among our plucky allies in the Syrian resistance? The reason is, of course, that not even a suicidal adrenaline-junkie journo relishes the prospect of finding out what his left testicle tastes like. Which he surely would if he dared to tell it as he saw it from deepest Douma.

So our information on this 'atrocity' was entirely derived from Islamist sources and more specifically the Jaish al-Islam (The Army of Islam) who controlled Douma at the time of the attack. Not an entirely objective or credible source when you consider that they have themselves massacred civilians and been credibly accused by UN investigators of using Sarin gas against the Kurds in Aleppo in 2016.

So the first great question is why have we started a war against Assad on behalf of people who despise us? Despise us so thoroughly that they can't even tolerate the presence of a bend-over-backwards-to-please-Islam liberal journalist.

I guess it must be the kiddies. 

As soon as that film was aired of terrified kiddies being doused with water to treat their symptoms of poisoning I knew Assad was toast.

Never mind that after 7 hard years of fighting for the Eastern Ghouta region which includes Douma, Assad was finally victorious. Our murderous Islamist allies were withdrawing and Assad not only had no need to launch a CWs attack, but every reason to avoid their use. The US had just conceded that he had won and that they weren't seeking his immediate removal anymore. And the only thing that could possibly overturn that new dawn for Assad would be a report of CW use. 

Then we got the pictures of suffering kiddies (almost certainly gassed by the Army of Islam) and Assad was toast.

The road to hell is said to be paved with good intentions, but for the West in recent years it's actually paved with suffering kiddies. Each time we go in to kill for Al Qaeda is preceded by film of crying kiddies. Suddenly all reason is paralysed and we leap to annihilate those identified to have made the kiddies cry. Never mind that both sides in Syria have been butchering children for the past seven years, comatose present-tense westerners somehow believe that it's only just happened. And, wow that was quick, the BBC know exactly who's responsible despite having nobody any nearer than a neighbouring country! Then just about every talking head is united in foam-flecked outrage and demanding instant retribution against the Dr. Evil that did it. It happened in Libya and now it's happening in Syria.

Curiously enough, it's only certain kiddies that seem to have this effect. The hundreds of Christian children tortured and butchered by IS seems to have hardly registered and certainly didn't make the British government any less inclined to welcome their murderers back home when Islamic State imploded and the fun was over.

And so our silly leaders ─ Bovine May, Mummy's Boy Macron, and the Blustering Buffoon Trump ─ have started a war with Assad.

They're too dim to even appreciate the likely consequences. If I was Assad and you launched a hundred cruise missiles at my war-torn country, I'd make damned sure of one thing. I'd make you suffer and bleed however long it took. That's war. That's what happened after we helped Reagan bomb Gaddafi. The Libyan dictator hit back by arming the IRA. And that's what happened when the USS Vincennes accidently downed an Iranian Airbus, killing 274 in July 1988. Just a few months later the Iranians downed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie killing 243. 


And that's the likely consequence of this pathetic virtue-signalling stunt. Our silly leaders don't understand that, because they are just playing at war. You can be damned sure of one thing: Assad isn't playing

They posture and emote but some day in the not too distant future our new enemy will hit back and a western airliner will be downed or a stadium crowd immoliated.

Game over.

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