Tuesday, 5 March 2013

BBC Dumb Delicacy

In the BBC report on the latest Islamist plot to bring mass murder to the streets of Britain there is not a single reference to the plotters religion.

·        That would be justifiable:

If their religion was not very important to the plotters.

But what the BBC knows as well as anybody is that their religion was the only thing of importance to these wannabe mass murderers. It’s just about all they talked about and it comprised 100% of their motivation to murder.

·        It would be justifiable:

If their religion were not on the whole associated with more than its share of homicidal violence.

But as the BBC is well aware the overwhelming majority of terror attacks are perpetrated by the followers of Islam.

·        It would be justifiable:

If the BBC were unaware that around 4,000 British citizens of this faith had attended terrorist training camps and that it was therefore vital to keep British citizens up-to-date on this internal threat.

This fact is, however, in the public domain.

·        Perhaps it would be justifiable to omit their religion:

If the BBC as a matter of general policy avoided referring to the religion of violent fanatics.

But the BBC is known for its crusading zeal to expose and label Christian wrongdoing.

·        Maybe it could be justified:

If the BBC was a private news organization with a well-known Islamist bias.

But the BBC is funded from a poll tax payable by all TV owning British subjects and is bound by its charter to be objective.

·        It could be justified:

If the BBC employees were being forced to produce Islamist propaganda by credible death threats.

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, there have been no terror attacks on BBC journalists. And even if there were, its brave journalists take great pride in “talking truth to power”, and so would treat any threats or even murders of its people with the contempt they deserved.

·        Getting weird here, but maybe it could be justified.

If their lying about the true nature of Islam were part of some intricate MI5 plan to lull our enemies into a false sense of security so setting them up for destruction, perfidious Albion and all that.

This one is not quite as nuts as it seems. The Birmingham plotters used to official indulgence of treasonous activities made little effort to disguise what they were up to. So maybe they had been lulled into a false sense of security by the British authorities obvious spinelessness.

·        Some would justify omitting their religion:

If they felt the need to atone for Britain’s many crimes against the Muslim religion.

But we could compile just as extensive a list of Muslim crimes against Christians. Maybe we should just try to forget grudges based on who did what to whom before we were born?  

·        Some would justify not identifying Islam

If reporting terror plots as Islamic tended to increase prejudice in British society against innocent individual Muslims.

It is sad if innocent Muslims come under suspicion because of the crimes of their co-religionists. Sad but necessary. Muslims do need to be put under pressure to reform their religion. Because without reform Muslims will never be able to assimilate with tolerant, secular British society.

·        Ignoring the religion of Muslim terrorists cannot be justified.

Islam itself is the vital factor behind this case and the vast majority of terrorism everywhere.


Anonymous said...

So, your hypothesis is that religion dictates people actions?
99.99...% of british muslims aren't involved in suicide bombing attacks, and from the muslims I know this consistent with their faith concerning murder. So, if your hypothesis is true then surely the evidence suggests the opposite to what you claim above?

John Moloney said...

Yes. My hypothesis is that the Muslim religion causes its followers to engage in terrorism.

Mohammad is the perfect role model for Muslims and Mohammad personally ordered political assasinations and had 700 Jewish prisoners beheaded.

I take it you use 99.99% as a rhetorical device. All objective analysis of our Muslim community reveals that a significant minority of Muslims support the murder of innocents. What about the dozens of Muslims who knew about the Birmingham plotters? It has been reported that not one of them informed the police.

Why do you think that was?

Anonymous said...

These particular Muslims are practicing Muslims, an "extreme" Muslim is just a Muslim who has read the Quran & is putting it in action. Most Muslims were just born Muslim, they are not following it hardly at all, that is why they are not violent at the moment.

Anonymous said...

not violent ........ at the moment? :-D

Anonymous said...

The question that needs to be answered regarding islam, is whether it permits its followers to cherry pick the parts of it they want. In fact they cant cherry pick. You take the whole package or none at all, and once taken, there is no way out except thro' death. Apostasy means a death sentence. So-called radicals are only following true islam, there is no moderate version!

John Moloney said...

And people explain away Muslim violence by saying that it is a young religion that needs reformation along the lines that Chritianity went through.

What they don't realise is that Islam is now going through a reformation. This modern day fanaticism is merely a return to the true nature of Islam.

John Moloney said...

When your holy book has been dictated word for word by God it is tricky to reinterpret God's approval of slavery or his low estimation of women.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be so optimistic and agree with you with Islam going through a process of moderation. Unfortunately, I do not see the signs for it. Actually as a person living surrounded by Muslims, I see more of a return to religiosity and its tenets among the young adults than what you are describing. I still hope for the realization by its followers of the evils contained in Islam, else it will be an open war against Islam in order to contain it and eventually to reduce it to a manageable religion.

Anonymous said...

The Muslim advisor to the Brown government estimated that twenty percent of the British Muslim population sympathised with Islamic terrorist goals. In fact the rot goes so deep that in 2006 after the Atlantic bombing plot an open letter was presented to parliament signed by Muslim MP's that laid the blame for the plot on British foreign policy.

In truth your assertion that 99.9...% are not involved in suicide attacks is meaningless if 15% support suicide attacks. That is like saying Germany was blameless in WW2 because 99.9% didn't serve as guards at Bergen Belsen.